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POCT Gluco Spot Glucometer Kit + Gluco Spot Strips 25’s Pack (Free)


POCT (Point Of Care) Gluco Spot Glucometer is mainly used to measure glucose in capillary whole blood outside of the body (In Vitro Diagnostic Use).

  • For Self-Monitoring And Management Of Blood Glucose
  • For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only
  • Glucose Range : 20-80 Mg/DL
  • Provides Accurate & Fast Result
  • Biosensor Technology
  • AST (Alternate Site Testing)
  • 5 Seconds Test
  • 0.5 Μl Blood Drop
  • No Coding
  • 500 Memory
  • Date And Time Function
  • Ejection Button
  • Made In India Product
  • Lifetime Warranty By The Company*