Medical Equipments Supplier

Variants & Length 390mm 1 10mm (16inches), 450mm + 10mm (18inches)
Surface Textured
Quality Pinholes free, no discoloration and no torn AQL<4.0
Design & Feature Beaded Cuff, Pal Textured, Pair of Left & Right
Complete Assurance for Pin holes, Embedded Particles > Smm, Wrong size,
Discoloration, No Defects, Torn Beads/cuff, Sticking Pleats > 10mm long, Large Lumps of surplus rubber, Defective Beads

and Stains

AQL level Certified AQL S 1.5
Shelf Life 3 years from the date of manufacturing


Physical Test ( As per ASTM )

Tensile strength before aging (Mpa) 18-19 Mpa
Tensile strength after aging (Mpa) 15- 17Mpa
Elongation at break before aging(%) 650-750%
Elongation at break after aging(%) 500-700%


Chemical Test ( As per ASTM )

pH of Extract Between 6.5 to 8.5


Performance ( As per ASTM )

Watertight Test Pin Holes No Pin Holes AQL 1.5
Visual Inspection Major Defects G-1 AQL2.5
Visual Inspection Minor Defects G-1 AQL4.0
Physical Properties Tensile Strength & Elongation S-2 AQL4.0
Physical Dimenstion Measurement S2 AQL.4.0