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About us

About TCM

TCM Health Care, An Ambitious Wholly Subsidiary Of TCM Limited Focused And Dedicated In Bringing Quality Health Care Products With Affordable Cost. It Is An Offshoot From TCM Family As Part Of Addressing The New Era During And After The Pandemic.

Our Mission

We Constantly Strive To Provide Ecofriendly Options To Equip The World For A Healthier Tomorrow. The Constant Tug Between Safety And Sustainability Is Well Thought Of In Our Product Designing, Wherein The Homeostasis Of The Nature Is Pledged To Be Maintained. We Wish To Serve As A Compromising Link By Converting The High Standard Preventive And Protective Options Affordable To The Common People.

Our History

TCM is one of the oldest companies in the region founded by Nobel Laureate Sir C.V.Raman and Dr. P. Krishnamurti in the year 1943 as Travancore Chemical Manufacturing Company Ltd and subsequently the name was changed to TCM Ltd in the year 1996. TCM during its 75 years of history, established manufacturing units in different locations in India right from 1944 onwards. TCM became one of the pioneer in manufacturing sector specially with Organic and inorganic chemicals, Fungicides, Herbicides, Barium and Strontium salts, Strontium Nitrite, Sodium Sulfide and various other derivatives.Though, we have downsized all the manufacturing activity as part of our diversification and strategical deployment of business, still we are active and holding commanding position as a credible supplier of the above products in the Indian market.